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The explosion of UFO sightings around the world continued in May 2012. Here are some of the best and most unique examples compiled on video.

The video, beautifully edited by the folks at AnonymousFO, a paranormal investigation channel on YouTube, pays deep respect to the transformation of the unidentified flying object phenomenon from its humble origins with production values approaching TV news or even cable channel quality.

Set to a moody soundtrack and joined together chronologically, the compilation highlights more than just the increase in interest and activity. With no narration other than the original audio, the diversity and increasing complexity of the incidents speak for themselves.

Scrupulously attempting to weed out obvious fakes and intentional hoaxes, the UFO sightings which remain in the collection still manage to defy explanation. The compilation also reflects the use of ever evolving, higher quality video tools available to the average consumer.

The images caught on camera phones, as well as more sophisticated attempts at dissection by users with powerful editing and imaging tools, tells the story with ever-increasing clarity and shows that the entire world is the platform for this mystifying and exponentially growing area of paranormal investigation.

More than just the flying saucer, silver orb or triangle mothership compilation, this collection expands the field by including sightings in space, inexplicable images caught by NASA cameras and, now, deep space satellites trained on the blazing sun, with imagery and access open to anyone with an Internet connection.

After seeing the nearly ten minute video, running the full range of strange objects caught by unsuspecting witnesses, to researchers actively seeking and digging deeply with new investigative tools, the main question driving this debate remains both compelling and, still, unanswered:

What is it?

Here's the video: