ufo over Australia
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UFOlogist Alan Ferguson took photos of this mysterious object in the sky above his Acacia Hills home on Tuesday night.
Northern Territory - It seems this year's Top End UFO season has started - with the first sighting being recorded from Australia's most famous UFOlogist, Alan Ferguson.

"... While going out to check the skies like I do regularly... I saw a UFO down the back of the block," Mr Ferguson reported on his website.

The UFO hunter from Acacia Hills, 250km north of Katherine, said the sighting happened just before 8pm on Tuesday night.

"The weather was clear and there was no moon or even planes around the area," Mr Ferguson said.

"The UFO ... hover(ed) from side to side. The object looked like flashing red, green and white lights through the binoculars and you could not make out a body shape.

"It was moving side to side, up and down making no sound at all.

"Also ... around the main object there were other orbs flashing red and white at different intervals."

Mr Ferguson said his camera kept freezing, but he managed to take a couple of photos of the unidentified flying object.

The UFOlogist said he also recorded the mysterious object on film, but the UFO "just faded out" after a few minutes of filming.

"I could just see it but the detail of lights had all gone," Mr Ferguson said.

"It may have moved further away to haunt somebody else or was about to blink out as they do."

During last year's dry season several UFO sightings spooked the Top End, and the Katherine region made headlines around the world when a spate of sightings was reported.