An intrepid UFO hunter, with his eyes peeled on Google Sky, has spotted a strange, gigantic, disc-shaped object which defies conventional explanation. What is it?

The object, spotted by YouTuber planetkrejci, is circular and a mottled greenish-hue. Looking more like something out of a Hollywood movie than any known spacecraft, this and other anomalies found on the popular software app have yet to be explained convincingly.

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Can it be just a glitch? Why are these objects so strangely shaped and colored? Is someone hoaxing Google? Is that technically possible?

No matter the explanation, it's one of the most interesting mysteries to hit the paranormal community in a while. Is it possible that these are real spacecraft built by another civilization?

If so, it would be the greatest story of all time. Hopefully, some imaging experts will start investigating these UFO sightings and come up with a theory that makes sense.

Here's the video:

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