It looks like something taken straight from a horror movie. An enormous hole leading to hell, some would say. But this is not a movie.

This is a real and dangerous phenomenon. New shocking images clearly show the enormous pit in Sweden is expanding.

The 200 foot wide open pit is called the "Fabiangropen" (Fabian pit) and is in the Malmberget area is located at Gällivare, 75km from Kiruna, Sweden.

As you can see on the map, it is in the northern regions of Sweden.

Map hole Sweden

Due to presence of many orebodies, mining at Malmberget is conducted at different levels at 600m, 815m and 1,000m.

The mining company LKAB has now taken new pictures of the pit.

In the pictures you see the new Fabian pit which has expanded during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in the former cavity full width.

The pit is square and 150×150 meters high.

This is naturally very bad news for people who live close to this giant sinkhole and many are afraid and also annoyed because of the loud noises.

According to the locals sometimes the tremor around here can last up to 45 minutes!

Sinkhole sweden1
The enormous sinkhole at Malmberget is expanding. This is an image showing the giant pit from above.
"I'm scared, I do not want to be alone in the house when it happens. It is so loud and it only gets louder and louder. It is like having an ariplane flying low above the house. It is just like the beginning of a volcano eruption," said Berit Hannu who lives very close to the pit.

Sinkhole sweden2
© Thorvald BurmanThere are many houses close to the pit and people are afraid.
Sinkhole sweden3
© Thorvald BurmanThe Fabain pit as seen from space.
The problem is by no means over. The giant sinkhole keeps expanding and the future remains uncertain.

It has to be added that there are many similar huge sinkholes across the world. ' Many of them have suddenly just appeared to the astonishment of the locals. This is a worldwide problem.