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The dangers of processed sugar consumption are documented, as are its carcinogenic effects. But what about sugar free products? It turns out that not only can these products contain a dangerous artificial sweetener called aspartame, but cancer cells actually feed on sugar free products just as much as they do those loaded with sugar.

In a study conducted by UCLA, pancreatic cancer cells were found to multiply and grow more rapidly when fueled by fructose, as opposed to glucose or sucrose. More recently however, it has been found that even staying sugar free can have similar implications. In a collaborative study, it was found that in the absence of a usable sugar source, cancer cells will instead use glutamine - an amino acid - to survive and spread.

Of course fructose consumption (sugar-loaded products) are much more common within the American diet and elsewhere. Fructose is most commonly consumed from processed foods and soft drinks, in the form of mercury-loaded high fructose corn syrup. Along with its numerous health defects, perhaps the most concerning is the fact that this carcinogenic substance is highly addictive and is breeding a new form of 'fructose alcoholism'.

New Discovery Shows How to 'Starve' Cancer Cells

The link between these products and cancer may seem grim, however the research has actually isolated one of the main causes of cancer cell growth. The study suggests that the process of inhibiting a glutamine enzyme known as glutaminase may actually prove to be an effective counter measure to the growth of cancer cells overall.

Effectively, this method aims to remove any usable resource for cancer cells to flourish. The study states that when the investigators used a glutaminase inhibitor, cancer cell samples in petri dishes stopped growing.

The idea is that creating an environment where the cancer has no means to properly grow and metastasize will effectively reduce and prevent cancer overall. Some methods like oxygen treatment, PH balance, and specific diet guidelines have similar effects for eliminating cancer by inhibiting its overall ability to flourish in the body. When it comes to cancer, prevention is key. Key substances like vitamin D and turmeric are vital for halting cancer in its tracks.