Perhaps she was very tired or just having a bad day. But speculation is rife that a local news anchor presented a live broadcast while drunk on air.

Annie Stensrud, a reporter on KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota, slurred and mixed up her words during a 10pm broadcast on Sunday night.

The CBS affiliate has not yet explained her bizarre performance, which finished after three minutes as the station moved on to weather and sport.

She has been anchoring weekend evening broadcasts for a year and her Sunday show had been cut down because of an over-running NFL game.

In one of the strangest segments, Ms Stensrud says: 'Today's event featured Christmas fo... music, food and a chance to meet the Santa dog.

'They felt three ways for Christmas...parents and grandparents,' Ms Stensrud adds, as she speaks over a man giving a pre-recorded interview.

'Sunday night's uncharacteristic newscast on KEYC Mankato can hardly be considered private,' KEYC vice-president Dennis Wahlstrom said.

'Nonetheless, in our judgment, the matter represents a personnel issue to be resolved internally,' he said in a statement on the station's website.

The Huffington Post suggested Ms Stensrud could have been drunk, whereas Gawker added that she might just have a strange accent.

KEYC news director Dan Ruiter told TV Spy that although station may work in a 'very public business, personnel issues need to remain private'.

He told the Mankato Free Press that there is no proof she was intoxicated and viewers are jumping to conclusions if they believe this.

The incident had echoes of when CBS Los Angeles journalist Serene Branson garbled her words live on air, causing speculation she had a stroke.

Doctors said she was suffering from symptoms of a stroke, but had actually suffered a complex migraine during a live Grammys broadcast.

Who is Annie Stensrud?
  • She has been a professional journalist for less than five years but has already interviewed Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi
  • Ms Stensrud has also worked for KAAL in Austin, Minnesota; WDAZ in Grand Forks, North Dakota; and KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • She is a Plymouth, Minnesota, native and graduated in 2006 from St Cloud State University
  • 'Television news is what I'm born to do and I hope to continue to do it well,' she writes on her LinkedIn page