Japan Anon Donation
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The envelope with 1 million yen and an attached letter that was sent to a foster home in Muroran, Hokkaido Prefecture, is seen in this recent photo.
A home here for children who cannot live with their parents has received 1 million yen in cash from a donor identified only as a popular TV series hero "Ultra Seven."

The money and a handwritten letter arrived at the Wakasugi Gakuen foster home in Muroran, Hokkaido, in the post on the evening of Nov. 11, officials from the facility said.

The letter read, "Dear Wakasugi Gakuen staff, I would like you to use this small gift only for the children." The sender also suggested several ways for the money to be used, including buying clothes, textbooks, toys, games, and movie tickets.

The Ultra Seven donor is the latest in an ongoing anonymous goodwill movement that began in December 2010 with the donation of schoolbags to a child consultation center in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, by a donor going by the name "Tiger Mask," a popular manga character. The incident has been followed by a number of donations of money, schoolbags and other materials in the names of popular animation characters and historical figures to various children's facilities across Japan.

"We are very grateful and will use the money as we were asked," the home's manager said, adding that some of the money would most probably be used to organize a Christmas party for the facility's 33 children.

Foster homes such as Wakasugi Gakuen accommodate children who cannot live with their parents for various reasons including child abuse.