© Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrators opposed to corporate profits march in the Financial District of New York.
Police do not expect large scale issues with protesters during CHOGM but are urging protesters not to break the law.

This follows the announcement that Occupy Perth, a group affiliated with protesters in the United States who caused havoc on the Brooklyn Bridge on the weekend, were planning to protest during CHOGM.

Police arrested 700 people as a result of the protest by Occupy Wall Street.

Counter Terrorism and State Protection's assistant commissioner Duane Bell said WA Police were aware of many groups planning to protest at CHOGM.

"We do not expect to see any large scale public order issues during CHOGM 2011, however it is our responsibility to be prepared for any incident that takes place as we have a duty to protect the visiting dignitaries and the community," he said.

Mr Bell said he was confident police were aware of the majority of groups that would protest during the meeting and encouraged people to do so within the law.

"There may be some smaller groups that will make a last minute decision to attend and we encourage them to contact us if they make the decision to be present," Mr Bell said.

He said police had been liaising with groups interested in attending the event and had a liaison officer to deal with them.

Thousands of officers will work on the security operation for CHOGM including specialist public order response teams.

"Crowd management teams will be ensuring the public are in a safe area while motorcades pass through the city, and should an incident escalate they will provide the initial response, and if needed specialist public order response officers may also become involved.

The Perth Cultural Centre has been set aside by the State Government as a speaker's corner where members of the public will be able to voice political issues.

But Mr Bell said this did not mean protestors would necessarily be arrested for protesting in other areas.

"As long as protest activity is lawful, and does not impede the rights of others there will be no need for WA Police to become involved," he said.

"If a protest becomes unlawful we have the appropriate resources in place to deal with those situations."

He encouraged groups wishing to protest during CHOGM to act within the law and contact police if they required any information.