Feeling low? Maybe it was your breakfast...
Ever feel like you were hit by a truck after eating too much junk food? I think most of us are familiar with the "oh-man-I-shouldn't-have-eaten-that" feeling. But food doesn't just have a short-term impact on the way we feel. A deficient diet can lead to more chronic health problems like depression, emotional instability, and destructive behavior

Maybe you've had personal experience with this. I know I have. I can honestly say I became a different person after changing my diet--just from changing the way I eat.

I didn't have to take anti-depressants, birth control pills or go to countless therapy sessions. And I didn't have to do anything drastic like move to the beach or quit my job (in fact, I was able to start working more after improving my diet!). All I had to do was change the way I was feeding my body.

And food does more than just change our mood. It can also impact the dynamics of our relationships with others. I was just reading a great comment on Facebook this morning about a parent who was able to put an end to constant arguments with their daughter simply by getting her to stop eating junk food at her friend's house. Our relationships with our children, our spouses, our co-workers and pretty much anyone we meet is affected by our mood... and therefore by our food.

Watch this video from the Surf and Turf e-course to learn more about how food impacts your mood (check out the juicy bits with Julia Ross and Sally Fallon Morell!):

If you want to learn more about how what we eat impacts our mental (and physical) health, I highly recommend the following books. These are part of my personal information arsenal and helped me tremendously during my healing journey (you can read my reviews of these books and others here).