Texas' unemployment rate last month climbed to its highest level in nearly a quarter of a century.

Despite the state adding 29,300 jobs in July, the jobless rate rose to 8.4 percent from 8.2 percent in June, the Texas Workforce Commission reported today. The rate was 8.1 percent in July 2010.

The last time the rate was this high was in July 1987, 24 years ago.

"While nine of the 11 major industries registered unemployment gains over the month, Texas continues to feel the effects of a stagnant national economy," Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken said in a statement.

The unemployment rate for the San Antonio area will be released later today.

Texas' unemployment rate remains below the national rate, which was 9.1 percent last month. Nevertheless, 26 states had a lower unemployment rate in July than Texas, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate at 3.3 percent. Nevada had the nation's highest unemployment rate, 12.9 percent.

The 29,300 jobs Texas added last month marked the second largest gain in the country, behind only New York, which gained 29,400 jobs, BLS figures show.

In the last year, Texas has added 269,500 jobs, pushing its nonfarm payroll to more than 10.6 million. No other state added more jobs in the past year. California trailed Texas, adding 189,600 jobs. The over-the-year percentage increase in jobs was 2.6 percent in Texas; only North Dakota was higher, at 5.2 percent.