Israel proof
© David Silverman/ Getty ImagesIsrael army releases photographic proof of Flotilla "Threat to Israel"
In a move intended to convince skeptics to finally accept Israel's claims that the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2 poses a real danger, the Israeli military spokesperson's office has issued photographic evidence in a blog post titled "Flotilla II Seeks Provocation, Poses Threat to Israel."

Well, it turns out that the "threat" is none other than Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and poet Alice Walker whose fearsome and terrifying smile can be seen in the Israeli-issued image. But the danger to Israel does not end there. As the "IDF" Spokesperson explains:
Organizers of the 2011 Gaza flotilla have a provocation-seeking agenda: Deliberately provoke and humiliate Israeli soldiers. For example, organizers trained boat passengers on how to defiantly rebuff Israel Navy attempts to peacefully board the boats.
The "IDF" must be referring to the nonviolence training all passengers received, as well as the nonviolence pledge they all signed. Indeed, Israel does show every day that it finds nonviolence very humiliating.

Still, the military spokesperson's blog made me finally see the light: those poor Israeli soldiers at risk of "humiliation" from Alice Walker and 87 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein among others. Of course no one can forget how Israel "peacefully" boarded the Mavi Marmara, part of last year's flotilla, in international waters with a force that involved large warships, a swarm of armed speed boats carrying dozens of heavily-armed commandos, and airborne troops dropped from helicopters.

Israel insists that it was the passengers who were "violent" because they failed to receive the Israeli hijackers with tea and traditional Turkish börek pastries. Now in case you doubt Israel's version of what happened, you can just watch all the footage taken by the hundreds of passengers and journalists on board. Oh wait, no, you can't do that because Israel, the "only democracy in the Middle East," confiscated all the evidence and is still refusing to return it.

Other than selectively edited and doctored images released by Israel, the only independent footage which escaped Israeli censorship and manipulation was Iara Lee's, and analysis of that showed anything but a "peaceful" boarding. It was a full-scale military assault that took nine innocent lives. And yet it is Israel's military that has the chutzpah to whine about "provocations" to its soldiers.