Senseless rules, arbitrarily enforced.

Here are two comments (sent by Lisa Simeone) from Jonah Goldberg's TSA column in the LA Times:
anonymousreader at 5:25 PM June 29, 2011

Two weeks ago I flew from LA to Madison, Wisconsin with only a carry-on bag. Before going through security, I checked with airport personnell to make sure I didn't have to check my bag, since it had my cosmetics, sunscreen, and hair products in it. They said it was OK. Security in LA had no problem with it, didn't ask a question, I flew with my carry on no problem. On my way back from Wisconsin four days later, the TSA tried to force me to throw out the very same objects. (It was too late to check in a bag for my flight, so I had no other option but throw them away) When I objected and pointed out that this was inconsistent with what the TSA in Los Angeles did, they accused me of having guns & being a terrorist. At this point the airport police were called and I was totally hysterical. I was handcuffed, given a 325 dollar ticket for disorderly conduct, and missed my flight-- all for questioning the inconsistent policy and total asinine behavior of the TSA. Oh and just for kicks, I might mention that I am a caucasian female with no criminal record and an extensive education. F*** you TSA!!! I vote Greyhound from here on out.
anonymousreader at 5:27 PM June 29, 2011

Let me add that the airport police manhandled me and shoved me against a glass wall to handcuff me because I was walking towards them (thought they would be the voice of reason here) -- "walking towards them" was taken as "an implication of aggression". Oh yeah, because a little blonde lady upset over her cosmetics is gonna beat the crap out of two overweight knuckleheads with GUNS. Do those guys even think???
Now, all we have is an anonymous person's word, but I think anyone who flies -- including me, and I'm mentioned in that column -- has had experience with the arbitrary enforcement and bullying of the TSA.

And for what? We aren't safer. The screening procedures wouldn't have caught the pantybomber, but they did humiliate a little old lady in Depends on her last legs from leukemia who just wanted to go see her family.