I see there has been another so called 'study'.

In this instance, they examined blood pressure levels in children to test the effects of 'second hand smoke' on blood pressure.

The interesting thing is that their results show a drop in blood pressure in girls, but a raise in pressure in the boys. Neither change was significant however.

Overall there is apparently a greater drop amongst the girls compared to the boys. [-1.8 compared to +1.6].

In an honest world, this 'study' would be consigned to the bin where it belongs. In a world where governments wanted to promote smoking, they could announce the 'study' as good news and could trumpet the 'fact' that overall, passive smoking reduces blood pressure in children.

However, we live in a dishonest world, so this inconsequential bullshit makes headlines in the main stream media as "Passive smoking raises blood pressure in boys, study reveals" or "Second-hand smoke can raise boys' blood pressure and cause heart disease". Amazingly, there is no mention of the girls' results. Even reading the study's own conclusions we see that
"ETS exposure was associated with significantly higher SBP in boys, but not girls. The potential long-term cardiovascular risk of higher BP among ETS-exposed boys provides further incentive to expand policies that create smoke-free environments for children and adolescents"
Isn't it strange how they concentrate on the negative, while totally ignoring the positive? Isn't it strange that inconclusive and insignificant figures can provide "further incentive to expand policies that create smoke-free environments "?

Now who do you imagine funded this 'study'?

Could it be the tobacco industry?

Or could it be the pharmaceutical industry?