© Dream Catchers for Abused ChildrenA 2-year old girl was raped by boys 7 and 9 and have been removed form their homes

They are freshed-faced little boys who should be busy playing their video games and little league. To look at them you would never begin to imagine what they are capable of. Two young boys, age seven and nine, admitted that they raped a two-year old little girl.

After a trial last month in which the boys both pled guilty to the sexual assault, the controversy begin of what to do with the boys. Psychologist Dr. Charlotte Freeman has worked with children for more than 15 years and said it's not uncommon for young children to be curious about their body or the body of others. "As children grow they may encounter and engage in sexual play but as they get older, when we look at children who have an age gap of more than five years then we start to consider other issues in terms of what they have been exposed to. Children will have sexual play but as they grow older and the dynamics is different in terms of their age we start to consider another avenue," said Freeman.

But when it comes to the act of rape where penetration is involved, that is cause for serious alarm. That is not normal behavior for children of this age. "That's when you should really be concerned when you see children who are inserting objects into other kids, when you see when there is constant touching of other kids. That's when you should really be concerned," said Freeman.

Something is happening in those homes that is causing these children to act in this totally inappropriate manner, defense attorneys are saying, but to remove them from the homes is not the best thing for anyone concerned. The prosecuting attorney Chris Lareau told FOX13 he wanted help for the two young boys because he believes they are also victims.

Judge Dan Michael removed the boys from the home because he said their behavior was not age appropriate. He also said the behavior may have been learned at the home. The boys have been turned over to the Department of Child Services in Memphis.