The Gores have been charged in felony child abuse and now murder over the body of a child found in their yard, photo via

Police were responding to a home in Gloucester, VA on a burglary call, instead what they found caused Gloucester Sheriff's Maj. Darrell Warren to remark; I've done this for 20 years, and I've never seen anything like this in my life."

What authorities found when entering the home was a little girl, perhaps 5 or 6 trapped in a crib, as though it were a jail cell. There was a heavy piece of wood on the top of the crib in an apparent attempt to prevent her from escaping. The child was covered in feces.

The child was in guarded condition at a Norfolk hospital Friday. A month-old boy was found unharmed. Both children were turned over to the county Department of Social Services.

After more investigation officers found the remains of a child while digging under and around a shed at the Gore residents Friday evening. The age, gender and identity of the remains are not known, pending an examination by the state Medical Examiner's Office according to the Daily Press.

Their parents, 29-year-old Brian Gore and 25-year-old Shannon Gore, were charged with felony child abuse. Shannon Gore also was charged with attempted capital murder and was being held without bond. The Daily Press reports that Brian Gore initially was released on $1,500 bond, but was rearrested on unspecified charges and returned to jail after the remains were found.

Neighbors who were interviewed were shocked that the couple had more than one child. They say they had seen the infant boy, but had never seen any other children at the residence.