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What's going on in Wisconsin?

If you look at both sides of the story, one side is insinuating that teachers there make too much money and are a target for cuts, while the other side is angry because they have seen the banks and the elite getting bailed out - so why should they be targeted instead.

I believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg that awaits us all, and not just here in the U.S. Geopolitical unrest has been spreading around the world from Tunisia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Libya to Ohio and Wisconsin in the U.S.

The underlying problem is money.

People are angry over higher prices, especially high food prices in other parts of the protesting world. Higher food and energy prices are creeping in to the American economy as well, and some predict the rate of increase to go higher as an inflationary environment gets underway.

People are angry about high unemployment, again, especially in other protesting nations where unemployment rates soar into the 50 percent range. In the U.S. the real unemployment rate (counting those who have fallen off their extended benefits) is in the neighborhood of 22 percent.

People are angry that they have been forced to bail out the banks who have received trillions of dollars in bailout money, as if to reward them for their risky behavior and bad bets which had brought them to the edge of collapse.

People are angry that the banks and hedge funds are continuing their risky behavior with their derivatives and 'exotic financial instruments', while the bailout money remains at the top of the food chain and is not flowing down to Main Street.

The majority of U.S. States are in deep financial doodoo, and we all know the brown stuff that the federal government is in...

The entire scheme is collapsing and we are starting to see the effects. More and more people are going to be affected by what must inevitably happen. That is, more cuts, higher taxes, more currency devaluation, more inflation, more unemployment, and a stagnant economy. When the number of 'unhappy people' reaches a threshold, they begin to make noise. This is what we are beginning to witness.

How do we prepare for the coming changes?

Eliminate debt where possible.
If you can afford it, buy extra food and consumables now, before prices go higher.
Keep extra cash nearby in case the banks close during a collapse.
Become more self sufficient and resilient to change.
Keep your eyes and ears open to the news around you.
Don't believe that the stock market will keep going up.
Plan as though the stock market could indeed collapse once again.