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Julian Assange
If you watch CNN or just about any other 'news network' you will now have heard Julian Assange's statement after the first day in court, in London, yesterday. I've heard it perhaps more than most since I watch three different news channels (at once) - no easy feat, but I digress.

I was taken aback by Assange's use of what I suspect he thought was 'cryptic' language (read: flowery) and as most will recognise, cryptic language and masturbation have a lot in common - but something about what he said and how he said it just doesn't add up for me.

Firstly, if the United States really wanted to 'grab' him, they'd pull him off the street in London (or any other place he might travel to) or from his posh country home and yes, even in Australia... Anyone familiar with current events will already know that the U.S. government is one of the most prolific terrorist organisations in the world - regularly snatching people off the streets and using torture to justify their actions around the globe (but don't get me started).

Secondly, if the claims made by the two women in Sweden are actually subterfuge intended to get him back to the U.S., to answer for his involvement in the seemingly never-ending WikiLeaks, then, why not simply get two women in the U-Stated Nights to make the false claims? It's unlikely that a UK court would deny an extradition request from its partner in crime (war crime, that is).

No, I say these claims by the two women must have some merit.

Now, about that 'black box'... Christ! What was that all about? Was he trying to say he's not guilty? Why not just say that then? Does he seriously think that anyone else would think that the courts in Sweden are not 'open', or dare I say it, less open than those in the UK?

If I was being accused of rape or sexual assault and the charges were false, then, I would want to prove my innocence in a court as soon as possible. On the other hand, if I was guilty, I might start talking about 'black boxes' and engage in session of verbal masturbation.

But that's just me.