© Garry Maxfield"Carved by the Gods."
Scientists tell us that Earth's geology has been shaped over million of years.

Millions of years might actually be involved in forming the topography we see. But if that is the case, then there are anomalies that occasionally surface. For example, there appear to be eyewitness accounts in myths and legends that refer to massive geological processes.

Rather than the slow processes of plate tectonics, wind, and weather there is another process that can cause exactly the same events but in an almost instantaneous period: electric discharge, or "spark machining." Electric currents might once have flowed through Earth's conductive strata with energies like nothing we know today.

Evidence can be found on Earth and throughout the Solar System.

© Garry Maxfield"Spires"

For instance, the Huangshang or Yellow Mountains in China is sacred mountain range with hundreds of spires that taper at the top. This range is not a soft sandstone but a hard granite type rock.

A typical explanation would be that the range has been pushed up by plate tectonics. Cracks have appeared and freezing water has done the rest. Plausible.

However, a close look at the tops of the peaks reveals structures that cause one to question whether water could have formed them. Stone obelisks of rock almost 100 meters high alongside smaller versions reveal that they are pointed, not weathered and rounded. Water erosion?
© Garry MaxfieldUpward electrical carving, not downward water erosion?

An alternate explanation is that this is an example of electrical machining from an upward flow of electricity. A planetary-scale discharge pulled material to this region and pulled it up. The strong electric field etched the surface and carried the debris into space.

Some characteristics that indicate a discharge are hard to miss. A three-way intersection of a valley that has very little outflow compared with the intersecting valleys: Mount Banks, Mount Hay, and Lockleys Pylon. An impressed helical pattern can be discerned, and on top of each formation is a giant lightning blister. The area is a popular tourist destination in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia.
© Garry MaxfieldMount Banks, Australia.

Many Pictures of the Day have discussed geological anomalies that can only be explained through electricity machining Earth's surface. Of course this leads to an uncomfortable conclusion that our planet as we see it today isn't that old.