© UnknownCastro: "Israel, US killed [Iranian] nuke scientists."
Recently it was revealed that Fidel Castro was super critical of the Iranian President's views on Israel. When this became public the accusations came flying from every server on the Web... Fidel is a zionist, Fidel is senile, Fidel has lost his mind!

Today he proved that all of the above is false, and that his mind is as clear as it was when he and his forces toppled the Cuban dictator, Batista, in 1959. He probably holds the Guinness Book of Records' 'record' for the Longest Lasting Thorn in the Side of The United States' .... and here's why;

Cuban revolutionist blames Mossad, secret services of US, UK for recent assassination of Iranian scientist. 'I don't remember another time in history when killing of scientists was official policy of powers armed with WMDs,' he writes in local paper

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro on Friday accused Israel, the United States and Britain for the "massacre" of Iranian scientists.

The Cuban revolutionist claimed that the mercenaries who acted on behalf of these countries are also responsible for a series of other assassinations that are meant to thwart the development of an Iranian nuclear program.

Washington immediately refuted Castro's allegations, calling them "ludicrous."

In an article published in a Cuban newspaper under the title "What Would Einstein Say?", the 84-year-old claimed that western intelligence agency were responsible for the disappearance of Iranian scientists on a regular basis.

According to the Castro, Mossad agents and special American forces placed the explosive on the vehicles of two nuclear scientists in Tehran two months ago.

The operation killed Dr. Majid Shahriari and injured Dr. Fridun Abbasi. The scientists' wives were also injured in the incident.

Castro refers to another article published in the British Sunday Telegraph, which pointed to an alleged connection between the Israeli secret service and the assassination of Iranian scientist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi last year.

There are other serious developments related to the butchery of scientists, organized by Israel, the United States, Britain, and other powers," he wrote, adding, "I don't remember another time in history when the assassination of scientists had become an official policy of a group of powers armed with nuclear weapons."

In his article, Castro argued that the targeted killings were meant to pressure Iran ahead of continued negotiations with the West.

The next round of talks will be held between Iranian officials and representatives of the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany on January 20 in Istanbul.