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The human being is made in the image and likeness of God. He or she has the Spark of the Divine "within" him or her. He or she is the primal and primary Temple of God on earth. Each person therefore deserves from the other and gives to the other not just respect, but reverence. The destruction of a fellow human - whether it be in mind, soul, body or spirit - is therefore the desecration of the Great Temple on earth, the place in time and space where the Living God chose foremost to reside.

The sublimity, dignity and transcendental value of each human being make it a grave violation of the Presence of God and of God-given human dignity to treat a person as a thing, a widget in some one's grand illusion, a means to be used, manipulated, abused, lied to, and/or crushed to serve another's agenda. Violate is derived from the same Latin word as violence, violare. To violate a reality is to do violence to that reality. To violate a reality is to treat it in a way that is not in accordance with its nature, e.g., to treat a sentient human being as if he or she were a non-sentient rock violates the reality of the human being. To treat a human being who is the living Temple of God on earth and who is infinitely loved and valued by this same God, as a tool, as a thing, as a person of no real significance beyond my utilitarian need for him or her in some grandiose plan I have concocted, rather than with the reverence, love and value that he or she intrinsically and forever possesses, as a son or daughter of my God and his or her God, of my Father and his or her Father, of the One God, is to violate him or her, to do violence to them. And, a violation of a person's intrinsic, God bestowed human dignity and transcendent value is evil regardless of how normalized it has become, how culturally acceptable it has become, how "holy" it has become or how legal it has become.

In most case most of the nefarious processes by which government does what it does are utterly hidden from the eyes of the public, who are only given a contrived packet of PR lies leading up to and after the fact of implementation. This is what is meant in the well-known line attributed to Bismarck - well known because everyone inherently recognizes its truth, even though most live in personal and communal denial of it - Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.

This brings us to Michael Chertoff, the guy who as an assistant DA rounded-up 1200 Arabs and others without legal warrant or cause immediately after September 11, who was co-author of the Patriot Act, who was then made a Federal Court of Appeals Judge, who soon after found legal flaws with the conviction of the six Mossad operatives known as "the Dancing Israelis," and therefore released them on bail, never to be seen again, who was then made the Head of Homeland Security, who almost immediately began hawking the idea of full body scanners at airports while Head of Homeland Security and who has never stopped hawking them to this day, because his company, The Chertoff Group, has as a big-time client one of the two largest manufacturer - $160,000,000 dollars through 2009 - of Full Body Scanners, Rapiscan, Inc. So now it is the law of the land that if you, your spouse, or your child wants to fly to your parent's home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you must either summit to being irradiated and stripped searched by a scanner for others to observe or else be groped, including genital, breast and buttocks groping. Why? Airport security demands it! And as sure as the Lord made little green apples, it will only be a short time before government-building security will demand it, and then private building security will demand it, and bus station security will demand it, etc. What a bonanza of government money the future holds for the Chertoff Group. And, what a boondoggle!

The airport with the best and safest security in the world is generally considered to be Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. One of the prime designers of Tel Aviv's security system was Rafi Sela. Last April he told the Canadian Parliament that the Full Body Scanners are useless for security purposes and that is the reason there are none and never have been any at Ben Gurion Airport. He told the Parliament that they were a waste of money and that someone who understood Full Body Scanners could pass through them with enough explosives to blow up a Boeing 747 (The Vancouver Sun, April 23, 2010). So much for Michael Chertoff's years of hustling the Full Body Scanners with what he had to know from Israeli security experts were lies about their security value.

Finally, look at what Michael Chertoff and whoever he is an operative for have put into place as law. And then ask yourself, of what is the following short video a carbon copy?

Whoever has the power to spit on the dignity of a human being and does it, by shaming and humiliating him or her, by treating him or her as a disposable or inconvenient thing who can be violated to keep the plan rolling along or to keep the pay check coming in, poisons his or her own life, the life of the other and the life of the society. Demeaning the human dignity of another human being is sadism, Satanism and psychopathic, regardless from where in the chain of its execution one participates in it.