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Aliens? Time travellers? Crisp salesmen? Someone - or something, is behind the 'Dudley Dorito' which has been spotted over the Midlands more than once over the past few years
You've heard about flying saucers - but how about a flying crisp? A UFO which resembles a popular salty snack has been spotted in the skies over Britain for the third time in as many years.

The space invader, dubbed by locals the 'Dudley Dorito', was sighted over the Midlands.

In the latest sighting of the 'extra-terrestrial tortilla chip', quality inspector Munesh Mistry, 21, spotted the triangular object in the the skies above his home in Tipton, West Midlands at around 10.15pm on Sunday.

His sighting comes just weeks after a UFO was spotted hovering over nearby Sutton Coldfield on the eve of Bonfire Night.

That time the triangular object, which was reportedly four or five times the size of a commercial airliner, was seen by local David Allen, from Boldmere on November 4.

The sightings have echoes of reports received during 2007 and 2008, which also claimed to have seen the Dudley Dorito swooping through the night skies.

Mr Mistry, who spotted the object with his friend Neil Martin, also 21, said: 'Me and my closest friend saw an amazing fast-moving and silent craft in the shape of a triangle made up of what appeared to be three lights fly across the sky at a mind-boggling speed.

'At first it looked like three birds flying in unison, then when seeing the triangle shape, we both were amazed and immediately discarded that explanation.' He added they promptly logged onto the internet and saw previous sightings online.

He said: 'We wondered if there were any other reports of a similar sighting, as we are both convinced that what we saw was either a spy plane being used by the military, if not, in my opinion is it is hardcore proof that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft.'

In February last year a UFO sighting was recorded by Sean Gibbs-Percival over the skies of Oldbury.

On April 16 last year builders working at West Midland Safari Park were shocked to see a flying saucer-shaped object soaring above them, while on April 4, two bright orange UFOs shaped like Cornish pasties were spotted flying over Sedgley.

Other hard to ignore triangular UFO sightings were also reported in Halesowen in November 2007 and Nottingham in October this year.

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A similar craft spotted above Welshpool, Mid Wales in January this year
Mmmm, aliens... The mysterious sights in the skies above the Midlands could be a new type of stealth bomber - or the most brilliant crisp advert in history

A photograph from the 2007 sighting was sent to policeman - and part time UFO expert - Gary Heseltine. He said: "It's a very intriguing photograph that was taken purely by chance. If it's genuine it could be one of the most convincing pieces of evidence collected about aliens from the UK ever"

There has also been a recent rash of mass UFO sightings in China, with one particularly striking example hovering over Zhejiang Province for over three hours.

In 2008 the Ministry of Defence released their UFO 'X-Files' as part of a plan to appear more transparent on UFO research and sightings. Previously, details of classified reports were kept secret for 30 years.

A spokeswoman said the incidents are recorded but unless a security threat is suspected the Ministry does not investigate further.

"We only investigate if there have been any objects in British air space that may be military," she said. "Unless there's evidence of a potential threat we don't investigate."

The MoD took details of 135 events in which mysterious objects were seen in our skies by witnesses including three pilots. Just 97 were reported in 2006.