Recent multiple fireballs reports streaming in from North and South America may be linked with the near Earth passing asteroids of Sep 8-9. The most recent multiple events occurred last night (Sep 21, 2010) over Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The first two of the multiple events were nearly simultanenous over central New Mexico. They were followed by Event 3, a 23 second major bolide event over northern New Mexico at 9:03pm MDT (03:03UTC) (see LunarMeteorite Hunters).

Event 4 occurred some one-and-a-half hours later at 10:36pm MDT (04:36UTC), and was also observed from El Paso, Texas. It was of short duration, approximately 1.5 seconds, with a visual magnitude of -6. It followed the identical trajectory of Events 1,2,3 but occurred farther south, probably over south central New Mexico.