Monroe Meteorite

A Monroe man thought his house came "under fire" but instead found what he believed to be a small meteorite stuck to the side of his house.

We checked with the experts to find out what the likelihood is of a meteorite falling to earth and wedging itself into Greg Weller's home.

Weller said he noticed the dark charcoal substance for the first time on Saturday while he was gardening. "It looked like the brick just broke off, and there was something dark underneath it."

The night before, Weller says he'd heard what he thought were gunshots outside. Once he noticed the substance he started digging around, and began to suspect something a little more "out of this world."

"I looked up some stuff about meteorites and found a magnet and stuck it to it... And they said that's a test right there. And the more I read, the more I was sure it was a meteorite."

We decided to take his suspicions -- and pictures of what we found at his house -- to the University of Washington's Astronomy department.

Toby Smith says without having the rock "in hand" he can't know for sure.

"People bring in meteorites about once a month to me for 20 years,and none of them have been a meteorite yet." He doesn't believe this is one either.

"They are usually slag, which is formed in many different environments.. It's part of the iron ore process.. It looks strange and it attracts magnets.. So that's why people generally bring it in and I think 9 out of 10 are pieces of slag.. the rest of them are usually pieces of iron ore."

We broke the news to Weller, and he still wants to know where it came from. Our astronomer admits there's no logical explanation for how the dark charcoal substance got there. So with the ever so slight possibility it could still be a meteorite from outer space... Weller is shooting for a second opinion.