© Peter Macdiarmid/Getty ImagesA severe weather warning has been issued for southern England.
The Met Office says heavy rain is forecast tonight from Land's End to the Wash raising fears of flash floods

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for parts of southern England, with up to 8cm (3in) of rain expected to fall and fears of flash flooding.

The swath of the country running diagonally from Land's End to the Wash, in East Anglia, will also get battered by strong winds, causing widespread travel disruption and affecting thousands of people holidaying in south coast resorts.

"Heavy rainfall overnight may give 20-30mm of rain quite widely and 50-80mm locally," a spokesperson for the Met Office said. "This rain will be accompanied by strong, possibly gale force winds.

"The heavy rain could lead to flooding in some areas and cause disruption to outdoor events and transport networks."

The south west and central southern England are expected to face the brunt of the weather tonight and in the early hours of Monday. The rain is forecast to fall quickly and onto saturated ground, raising the likelihood of flash floods. Winds are expected to peak at 45mph near Southampton.