Cirebon: A meteor allegedly fell on an open area in Tersana Baru Sugar Factory in Babakan, Cirebon, yesterday. The strange object gave off a strong sulphuric stink and burned the grass, creating a one-meter wide hole

A company staff, Dudi, explained that the employees first heard a thundering sound, following by a loud crash.

They were shocked to find a blue object melting on the field. "It even formed the Arabic writing of the word God," he said. The melting stopped and dried up like asphalt.

Because of the strong stench, the local people were curious and came to the site and covered the area of the fall with sand. "It was to reduce the smell," Dudi said.
Tersana Baru staff and the people took pictures of the strange object with their cell phones. Some people even brought home small chunks of the meteorite. The police later came and collected the chunks for further investigation.