Bratislava - Storms carrying heavy rain over central Europe have caused flash flooding in parts of Slovakia and neighbouring Czech Republic, local media reports said Sunday.

In north-western Slovakia, the TA3 television channel reported that heavy rainfall had caused a dam to break, flooding the towns of Handlova and Prievidza.

TV pictures showed flood water careening down streets, carrying cars away.

Unconfirmed eyewitness reports suggested that several people are missing, but no deaths have yet been confirmed. On the Facebook page of the TA3 channel, local residents appealed for information about at least two people.

In parts of the south of the country, flooding was also reported.

In the Czech Republic, the CTK news agency reported two missing people as a result of flooding over the past several days.

The town of Bily Kostel nad Nisou, on the Neisse river in the north of the country, was flooded for a second time in a week.