The latest volcano eruption in Iceland is now being used as an example by the Global Warming fanatics of how thinning ice caps can actually cause volcanoes to erupt. The latest is how thinning ice caps in Iceland are releasing pressure on the ground and creating liquid magma. Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a vulcanologist at the University of Iceland, goes on to say that melting ice caused by Global Warming can influence magmatic systems as seen from the increasing volcano activity at the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago apparently because as the ice caps melted, the land rose.

Carolina Pagli, a geophysicist at the University of Leeds in England warns of the risk of volcano eruptions in other ice covered areas such as Antarctica and Alaska because the decrease in pressure on the ground from decreasing ice caps can have effects in deep areas where magma is produced.

Pagli and Sigmundsson wrote a 2008 paper in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters about possible links between global warming and Icelandic volcanoes.

Their report said that about 10 percent of Iceland's biggest ice cap, Vatnajokull, has melted since 1890 and the land nearby was rising about 25 millimetres (0.98 inch) a year, bringing shifts in geological stresses.

They estimated that the thaw had led to the formation of 1.4 cubic km (0.3 cubic mile) of magma deep below ground over the past century.

At high pressures such as under an ice cap, they believe that rocks cannot expand to turn into liquid magma even if they are hot enough. "As the ice melts the rock can melt because the pressure decreases," she said.

Sigmundsson said that monitoring of the Vatnajokull volcano since 2008 suggested that the 2008 estimate for magma generation was "probably a minimum estimate. It can be somewhat larger." They also state that fossil fuel created Global Warming can have effects on geology.

This story is a prime example of the desperation Global Warming alarmists are in today, and how they will stop at nothing to get the world to believe in their fantasy. Such articles should not even be allowed in the news section, and at best printed in the comic section.

Recently the stories on Global Warming have taken the reader on an odyssey into the unbelievable such as the claim that satellite images have proved that New Moore Island off the coast of Bangladesh disappeared under rising ocean levels due to Global Warming. This was laughable because this island appears and disappears on a regular basis concurring with high and low tides due to it being only a few feet above sea level in a delta similar to that of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana.

Another story was of their concern of escaping Methane Gas from melting ice in Siberia.

This latest claim of increasing volcano activity due to decreasing pressure from melting ice caps is the biggest load of horse manure yet, not to mention the fact that they slipped up in saying the ice caps have been melting since, 1890 which would predate the world's industry having anything to do with Climate Change in the first place.

Geologically speaking, it would take a drastic melt off of the world's ice caps in a matter of only a few years to influence magma at such depths. The 10,000 ft. ice cap covering Antarctica would have to be reduced to around 3000ft. to bring about enough release in pressure to geologically change the situation at the depths which magma is formed.

The Global Warming fanatics are using the rising temperatures of the planet beginning with the end of the Ice Age now rather than over the last few decades because it is the only concrete evidence to show warming since we have been in a cooling period for the last ten years or more.

The Global Warming fanatics relied on most people not investigating their claims and taking their research as gospel. However many have cared to find out for themselves, and did their detective work to find that the numbers did not support the claims. Far from it as evidence clearly shows a global cool down rather than any warming.

Aside from many of these scientists and researchers who desperately want us to believe in their scam because of their investments into alternative energy methods and sources the main objective of this whole Global Warming farce is to bring the nations of the world together as one in fighting a threat to us all for the common good.

As the population of the world wises up to this scam and realizes it is a total lie, the next concern will be a threat concocted to involve us all. However it will be one which must include the control of the masses as the Global Warming farce has the pretext to dictate our lifestyle and individual freedom in the form of deindustrialization, higher prices, and individual restrictions related to Greenhouse Gasses.

The next threat must involve us all and restrict our activities of daily life because such sinister ideas as the Global Warming doctrine are born out of Marxist idealism.