Listening to the local ClearChannel AM news radio station on the way to work this morning, I heard a famous local pundit ranting about how the Christmas Day underwear bomber's "terror attack" was a stark warning that terrorists are out to kill Americans and bring down the country. He angrily accused the public of foolish laziness for not urging their leaders to use every resource at the U.S. government's disposal to lock down America and purge it of the many homegrown terrorists scheming to murder us all!

Presumably with a straight face, he squawked about how lucky we were because the failure of this near-disaster could be chalked up to yet another "terrorist" who turned out to be bumbling and inept, like the "shoe bomber" and a string of others. Yet, still, we should all be having nightmares about this suicidal "gang who couldn't shoot straight" because they represent a clear and present danger to the lives of all Americans!

This commentator is of the highly articulate, smart-sounding, yet profoundly ignorant type who claims free thought and independence from partisanship, but would immediately join the Xenophobic Jingoist Authoritarian party if one officially existed. He seems to believe that entire nations of people are "crazy" and that vast populations "hate freedom" (which makes about as much sense as "hate breathing," if you think about it).

As he reinforced the media's "official truth" that suicidal Muslim terrorists lurk and plot in every dark corner of America, it was about the saddest display of naive credulity I'd heard in, oh, at least a week. His thinking is apparently so shallow that it would never even occur to him to ask why someone would need to explode an airliner mid-flight to bring about the end of this country. I've never heard him question why "Muslim terrorists" are so needlessly, pointlessly obsessed only with air travel, nor why the destruction of airliners mid-flight is apparently such an essential first step to "bringing down America," nor why these masterminds can't seem to succeed, yet never revert to far simpler means of achieving their alleged objectives!

Still, it's clear that he wanted us to feel afraid, even though any given American is statistically more likely to die from a zillion things other than terrorist doings, including, for example, drowning. Are we foolish, then, not to insist that the government regulate every drop of water and supply it to us only in doses small enough to make drowning impossible?! It would save lives, after all -- right? Where's the fear and outrage over drowning?!

We, the public, have been told again and again that the goal of "Muslim terrorists" is to destroy, or bring down, or wreck the economy, or otherwise wreak havoc on America. Our government plainly says so. Well, what's so difficult about that? We are pretty easily frightened! The fact is, any half-wit could come up with far simpler ways to terrorize and disrupt on a large scale than messing around on airplanes. I'm darned if it wouldn't be simple as heck to wreak the desired chaos in a jiffy if some organized group actually made it their goal. Come on, people, you must know this is true!

Fact Number One: the federal government's own estimate is widely reported -- there are over 200 million guns in America. Everyone knows that they are dead simple to obtain, without even needing to provide identification, and it's probably even easier to get them illegally. The very same goes for all the stuff needed to create explosive devices, for anyone who cares to learn, so we're told. Heck, they've told us for years that ordinary, impoverished Iraqis and Afghans can whip these things up with the utmost facility every day.

Fact Number Two: We have been shown in film after book after article after documentary after news story that so many of America's "targets," both hard and soft are underprotected or not protected at all. Anyone with intent can walk into and create an incident in an airport, shopping mall or cinema -- these places are public -- or on a highway, bridge or toll booth. We've seen that power, chemical, water-treatment and other plants, refineries, etc., not to mention busy highways, bridges, toll booths, trains and boats are all easily breached, even by people who are not resigned to committing suicide in the course of their dedication to create chaos.

Fact Number Three: We've been told there are "terror cells" throughout America, and our intelligence agencies even claimed to have broken some up, but to create the goal of chaos, there doesn't even need to be such cells. There is no problem at all, for anyone with half a brain, to enter the country, legally or illegally, then do the dirty work all on his own!

Consider the estimate of at least ten million illegal aliens, from every corner of the world, presumably with no greater intelligence than the average person, who have entered the country and continue to reside unharrassed for years, even generations. How much easier would it be to enter and remain undetected for only long enough to carry out a mission to create havoc. Entering the country is obviously no great feat; it's not even necessary to enter via airports. It should certainly be even less of a problem for anyone with a burning desire to "destroy America" -- and especially for an organized group with an allegely endless supply of willing suicide victims who will do anything for their cause.

Folks, come on now: put simple facts One, Two, and Three together, would you please?! I don't have to spell it out. I am not violent. I have never touched a gun. I would never advocate violence. Even so, I, to whom such ideas are alien, have no problem seeing quite clearly how easy it would be for anyone to create a really big scare, and even do real damage. Anyone with the alleged goal of creating chaos, wrecking the economy, and instilling nightmarish fear in people could easily accomplish, in virtually no time, and with barely any expense, these goals, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how! Come on!!

I'm not giving "the terrorists" ideas. I'm not "enabling" them. I'm not sympathizing with them. I'm just saying that there is nothing particularly clever about easy and obvious methods of making an ugly mess! With an allegedly endless supply of suicidal, weapon-loving followers willing to die for their alleged cause, an organization of even minimum capability would be able to create an incident every single day. Forever. Easily.

It isn't even necessary that attacks go on constantly. Think about it. It would take just a week or two to stop flights, stop rail and water travel, stop shopping, knock out electrical power, snarl traffic on major roads and bridges, probably even to crash the stock market. Heck, even terrorists with just telephones and a few frightening words could scare every public works department, school, hospital, hotel, restaurant, theater and department store in any city out of business in no time. Of course they could. Have you asked yourself why they don't?

You must surely have realized by now that if these allegedly determined terrorists existed, they would have accomplished their goal long ago and with great ease, never bothering with the difficult, risky, and needless business of smuggling bits of dangerous material onto airplanes! Had these monsters really existed, they would by now have had years to bring in people, make plans and acquire all they need. Yet nothing much has happened. The whole idea that our leaders and compliant media are selling us is perfectly ridiculous and you must know it by now!

Even just one year on from 9-11 there was wailing that America's "targets" were still unprotected, and hardly a thing has been done in the seven years since! Do you really think this would be true if the "threat" was real, if there were an organization actually trying to accomplish the goals our leaders and media tells us about? For instance, would our ports and borders really still be wide open if our government was doing all in its power to stop the alleged "terrorist threat?" Come on, please! Who are they kidding?!

If you've woken up a bit, your next step might be to discover the plentitude of reasons why and how it is that factions within governments, namely the intelligence services (who have the know-how, the resources, and the desire to carry out false-flag terrorist attacks, independently and often without the approval or awareness of their official paymasters within the bureaucracy), have throughout history devised these fear campaigns and then taken them to whatever extremes they think are necessary to maintain control of a population.

They do this by convincing you to concede power and money to your "trusted" authorities. This is what and scores of other sources have been explaining for many years. Alternatively, you could read some of many testimonies first-hand from insiders. For example, The Secret Team. This scam of scaremongering a nation behind inflated or non-existent enemies is as old as the hills, and ignorance of it is what truly brings nations down.