Bright glowing orange orbs have been spotted in the skies over Belton.

The UFOs were seen on the evening of Saturday September 5 at around 9.30pm by local man Martin O'Hara who has told the Bells/Advertiser all about the mysterious sightings.

The 54-year-old export sales manager of Bellshaw Lane said: "I was sat in my lounge with my wife watching TV and right next to where I sit are French doors and I saw a bright light in the sky.

"We catch sight of a lot of planes heading into Doncaster Airport but straight away it struck me that I hadn't seen anything like this before.

"I went and stood outside and looked at it and thought 'what the heck is that?'.

"It was a big bright orange light about 2,000 feet up and it was moving across the sky reasonably fast, faster than an incoming plane.

"I knew it wasn't a plane, and thought it must be a helicopter but then realised it wasn't making any noise at all.

"It was round and a distinct light, not irregular shaped, not hazy or fuzzy, it was very round.

"I was absolutely gobsmacked, I've never seen anything like it.

"I looked it up on the internet the next day and didn't realise how many people had seen these things, it's incredible."

Mr O'Hara said his wife Elise told him she had seen one of these UFO's before and thought it strange but hadn't said anything.

And it wasn't just one UFO, the light headed north east over the fields and then another appeared and another ten seconds later a third before they disappeared across sky.

Mr O'Hara added: "They were at the same height, direction and speed, and my wife took a photo on her Iphone.

"Ten to 15 minutes later about a mile away there was another one."

Heather Dixon, spokesman for the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) said: "Details of this sighting certainly sound indicative of Chinese sky lanterns.

"These are the biggest culprit for sighting reports to our organisation and account for approximately 70 per cent of sighting reports coming into BUFORA at the moment.

"They are very popular for all kinds of events and celebrations, particularly on a Saturday night.

"They can look very strange to the public when observed flying in the sky, often in formation as they can be tethered and sometimes there can be numerous lanterns, depending how many people want to use and launch for a particular event.

"These sightings have been misinterpreted by many members of the public, both professional and otherwise.

"It is also very difficult to ascertain height and speed without specific frames of reference."