The UFO Traffic Report for Monday, September 14, 2009, includes 13 selected sightings over 10 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited.

West Virginia ufo
West Virginia, September 13, 2009 - A white starish object in the sky near Snowshoe WV. MUFON Case # 19304.

A West Virginia couple noticed a bright object that seemed "to be making little circles in the sky." They set up a camera on a tripod and were able to snap one image - where now the object appeared to be moving in a "zig-zap" pattern. The contrast and brightness was adjusted in the witness image.

South Carolina, September 10, 2009 - Orange lights over the ocean appear disappear then reappear as I watch off of hotel balcony. MUFON Case # 19308.

A witness at Myrtle Beach looked out his balcony and saw lights about 20 feet higher than the 8th floor room and about 100 feet out over the ocean. "They were rectangle in shape with a pale orange glow. One light at first, then two lights. They flashed out then reappeared as three set close together, then a gap and another light. Four lights altogether."

Arizona, September 13, 2009 - Phosphorescent blue chevron pattern, fast moving. MUFON Case # 19305.

An Arizona couple saw a "quick burst of phosphorescent blue in a pattern that can be likened to a chevron but in boomerang formation. There was one blue arrow-like spot in the front. There were 4 others behind it slightly staggered, but equal distance apart. It was LARGE and appeared in a faint cloud formation to the east of our home. In the blink of an eye, it had jumped quite a distance and just blinked in and out and was gone. It looked like it could have been the under lighting of a large craft, but being ex-military, I don't think we have technology that moves in the blink of an eye."

Idaho, September 13, 2009 - bright light 90 degree course change no sound very close disappeared. MUFON Case # 19303.

This Idaho family saw a "very bright light" as close as one might see a helicopter overhead. The silent object "turned on a dime," traveled a short distance, and then "just disappeared." They described it "an intensely white glow."

Michigan, September 11, 2009 - Blue ball of light falling from sky and zig-zagging. MUFON Case # 19300.

A Michigan witness considers what he saw might have been a meteor, but the "zig-zag" movements it made makes you think otherwise. The sighting occurred at 5:37 a.m., on September 11, 2009, in front of a dairy farm on Sparta Avenue, near the city of Sparta, Kent County. The object was described as "a bright blue light" that was falling fast, then it slowed down, and was zig-zagging as it fell. He seems to think that if it hit land, it would have come down "somewhere around the Pamida store or around M-37."

Wiconsin, September 11, 2009 - Sphere emitting bright star like light. MUFON Case # 19294.

Two Wisconsin witnesses standing in a field saw a sphere-like object emitting light. As the object moved toward the witnesses, they described it as "very bright from all sides," about 500 to 1,000 feet in the air, 10 feet in diameter, and "emitting a glowing smoke or cloudy mist." The silent object took between 3 and 5 minutes to move across the sky and "then it disappeared."

California, September 12, 2009 - Bright lights from south-west appeared with tracer tail, and traveled north in steady path to show moving lights in horizontal stream. MUFON Case # 19292.

A California witness first saw a "tracer tail of yellow lights" in the sky - but soon was able to see a "disc shaped lighted object heading to the north." The witness described it as "something out of the movies." The object rotated as it moved. The witness had seen another UFO from the same location on August 24, 2009.

New York, August 15, 2009 - 2 separate cones with red sphere on bottom which looked like it contained fire. MUFON Case # 19291.

A New York witness first thought he was looking at a plane on fire, but then realized it was cone or triangle shaped, although the object seemed to change shape as he watched it. "It was sometimes more triangle shaped than cone but the light on bottom remained what looked like a sphere of fire." The object was observed for another 2 to 3 minutes before it disappeared over the horizon. Then just 30 to 45 seconds later, a second object of similar appearance was seen for about one minute in the sky in the same spot where the first object had been. The object then traveled north and upwards into the clouds.

South Carolina, September 4, 2009 - a huge object came towards my wife and i while we were in the car. MUFON Case # 19290.

A South Carolina couple got a scare as they were driving home from a trip to Georgia. They first thought the object was a plane, when suddenly, "the multi-colored light object we thought was a plane got huge in a matter of seconds and was coming towards seemed like forever, but it probably lasted about 10 looked just like a the old ufo pics you see...the lights were orange,white,and red."

Washington, September 12, 2009 - Unreal UFO over I-5 looking NW near Kelso, exit 38. MUFON Case # 19289.

A Washington witness driving along Route I-5 at milemarker 38 noticed a "very white sphere hovering just west of the freeway, northbound, at about 20 degrees above the freeway. It was very bright and stationary. In about 10 seconds it moved around the sky, but not streaking, it was just in one place, then another, all within about a 5 inch range of my vision."

Pennsylvania, September 3, 2009 - My son spotted a shape in the sky as we sat in traffic. MUFON Case # 19287.

A Pennsylvania woman and her son spotted a cigar-shaped object in the sky at 7:55 a.m. along Schoenersville Road in Bethlehem as they drove along Route 22. The object was hovering at one point and described as "a bright silver color that reflected the sunlight on that very clear and sunny morning."

Washington, September 12, 2009 - Bright Light streaking across sky turning and triangular shape w/lights visible. MUFON Case # 19283.

A couple returning home to Yacolt, Washington, spotted "a very bright" light as they entered the city limits. They first thought it was a meteor, although the object was just a few hundred feet above the tree top level. But just as the object was about to disappear from view, it "seemed to turn a bit and the setting sun shone on it. We could then see that it was not a huge meteor but a triangular shaped object with lights underneath. The lights were very large and we both saw five lights. It was going very fast and was gone in seconds. It was definitely not an airplane or other 'normal' light in the sky.

Pennsylvania, September 9, 2009 - Found an down aircraft in Allegheny National Forest, can absolutely say it's nothing like anything I have ever saw. I'm a bigfoot researcher, I'm in the woods frequently, that's what had me out in the Allegheny National Forest to begin with on 09/09/2009. MUFON Case # 19278.

This Pennsylvania Big Foot researcher claims he has discovered a downed triangle-shaped craft in the Allegheny National Forest. He wants to be paid to take MUFON to the site.