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UFOs have been reported over China's eastern province of Shandong, the SINA news agency said on Monday.

According to the news agency, unidentified flying objects were sighted on August 20 in five locations, including above the provincial capital of Jinan. One of the UFOs was filmed by a cameraman and posted in the Internet.

A UFO was also seen above the city of Chengdu, the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province in early September, the news agency said.

Another UFO sensation took place in China in December, when Chinese authorities released a video that had been kept secret for 20 years. The three-minute film was shot by a Chinese pilot above the city of Shanghai on August 27, 1987, and featured a shining object flying high in the sky.

Chinese ufologists claim that a large UFO base is located in China, somewhere on the forbidding heights of Mount Everest.