At the risk of triggering a new sunspot by talking about it, I'll cautiously mention that by GMT time midnight tomorrow, August 10th, we will possibly have a 30 day stretch of no sunspots at a time when cycle 24 has been forecast by many to be well underway. Here is the most recent (and auto updating) SOHO MDI image of the sun:
Spotless Sun August 07, 2009
Sun August 07, 2009.

Spotless Days Count
(updated data from

Current Stretch: 29 days
2009 total: 171 days (78%)
Since 2004: 682 days
Typical Solar Min: 485 days

Here is the latest data from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center:
NOAA Sunspot data 08/08/2009

While it is possible that we'll see a 30 day stretch of days with no sunspots, we have yet to complete a calendar month without a sunspot.

A year ago in August 2008, we initially had completed a sunspotless calendar month. But, as fate would have it, that distinction was snatched away at the very last moment by the folks in Belgium at SIDC based on one sketch of a plage cum sunspeck from Catainia observatory in Italy.

As Carly Simon once fabulously sung:
I know nothing stays the same
But if youre willing to play the game
Its coming around again