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As some WUWT readers may have learned from reading Climate Audit, an anonymous source deep within Hadley CRU has provided Steve McIntyre a copy of a data file he has been seeking but has had his FOI requests to Hadley seeking the same file, rebuked.

I've seen the data. As I posted last night on Climate Audit:
You know, not everyone in every organization believes in everything the organization does. This is why we have leaks in the White House and people like "Deep Throat" that provide evidential tidbits with guidance like "follow the money".

Steve has shared this data and the source with me, as a way of verification, and I can vouch for both the validity of the data and of the source ip address. It truly comes from deep within the organization. - Anthony
While the CRU data file is not the most current, it is the most current one the mole could produce for us.

But most importantly this will not deter Steve in his FOI requests, he writes:
And by the way, just because I've got a version of the data doesn't mean that I'm going to give up trying to get the data through FOI. Quite the opposite.
Indeed. Better to get it through the front door.

I mentioned to Steve this morning via email that in addition to verifying the source, I was able to come up with a photo of the "anonymous" mole in CRU. I've sent him a copy.

Stay tuned.