NYC Central Park
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More from the "weather is not climate" department. While our economy cools, so do apparently our cities. Cincinnati has a similar problem, and does Traverse City, and the cool weather doesn't "play in Peoria".

Taken by themselves it doesn't mean much, but it is interesting.

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service New York NY
444 AM EDT Fri Jul 24 2009

...Unusually Cool July For Central Park...

For Some Perspective...Here Are The Top Ten Coolest Julys On Record
Since 1869 For Central Park In New York City:

Avg. Temp. Year
70.7 1888
71.9 1884
72.1 1914
72.3 2000/1871
72.4 1891
72.6 1895
72.8 1902/1869
72.9 1956
73.1 1890
73.2 2001

Due to the unusually cool conditions thus far in July ...Here are some interesting facts to note...

With an average daily temperature of 71.6...currently running 4.7 degrees below normal...this July is on track for the 2nd coolest on record. Below average temperatures have occurred on 21 out of 23 days...with the other two days being normal. There have been zero above normal days.

Central Park has only reached 85 degrees once this month...on the 17th...and has not yet reached 90 degrees this summer. If this continues through the end of the will only be the second time since 1869 that 90 degrees was not reached in June or July. The only other time this occurred was 1996.