Posted: July 19, 2009

Date of Sighting: 18th July 2009
Time: 10.46

Witness Statement: I was in the garden and looked into the sky and saw this round orange object in the distance flying through the sky, it was totally silent and was extremely faster than an aeroplane. There were no flashing lights and looked nothing like plane. As it came closer it got a little a clearer and was a round object with glowing orange beams coming from the top. After about 15 seconds it disappeared as the speed was too fast. Later on in the evening at around 11.34. I was looking in the sky again and we all saw 3 of the same objects in formation looking like they were following each other, way too close to be aeroplanes.

About 5 seconds after that another 4 round silent orange objects followed the previous 3 and as they moved together they all just seemed to disappear in the night.

I do not have any explanation for this they were not normal aeroplane because of the shape, colour, speed, no flashing lights and because of how close they were. Me and my friends are totally confused. I managed to take pictures on my phone and after zooming in on them they are just an orange blur.