Mother Nature added insult to injury tonight in Abercrombie. After getting 8 inches of rain Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the city got hit with another round of severe weather tonight and another 2 and a half inches of rain.

20 homes there already had some kind of water damage, some with as much as 4 feet of water; WDAY 6 Reporter Travis Skonseng is live with the latest.

Crews are scrambling with a struggling sewer system that just can't keep up with all the water. The past few days have swamped much of town.

Fire officials are trying to pump out water from the flooded town into fields. Many ditches are already full. Tonight, several inches of water are standing in streets and water is right up to homes.

The town hauled in huge, 12 inch pump tonight to drain some of that water. Crews say Abercrombie's main sewer system is filled with water so any more rain is making the flood fight more difficult.

"It's a day off and we're back at it. Another big rain, runs right into town, the soils are saturated, runs right off the fields and right into Abercrombie."

A trained spotter also confirmed a tornado near Mooreton North Dakota. No major damage was reported. That area also saw hail. In fact, baseball sized hail was reported in Richland County between Mooreton and Colfax.

High winds and hail knocked down power lines and trees near Wyndmere and we heard of at least three semis that tipped over in the high winds, two on I-94 between Fergus and Dalton and one near Wahpeton, so a storm with a big impact.