White moggy grows fluffy wings out of its back - but can it fly?

Winged Cat
© China Foto Press / Barcroft
The winged cat chows down in China
Animal experts have been pussy-footing over the explanation for a cat that has developed bat-like wings on either side of its back.

The long-haired white feline was born a normal kitten, but started to develop furry wing-like appendages on either side of its back when it was just a year old.

Scientists believe the growths may be the result of a genetic mutation caused by chemicals during its mother's pregnancy. Alternatively, the cat which was discovered in Chongqing, China, may be a freak that developed from two embryos.

However, the puss does not seem to be bothered by its wings, and it was quick enough to swoop on any cat biscuits dished up.

Chongqing is known as one of China's hottest cities and, following the discovery of this cat, the air there is certainly getting a bit moggy.