Dundumwezi Member of Parliament Edgar Singombe has called on the Department of Veterinary and Livestock Development to ascertain a cattle disease that is killing animals in large numbers in Kasukwe ward.

Mr Singombe told Zanis in Kalomo that several herds of cattle were dying from an unknown disease in the areas around Jongolo, Habusala and Mutubyangulu villages in chief Chikanta's area.

He lamented that despite the matter being reported to the veterinary department last week, no efforts have been made to date.

And in another development, chief Simwatachela and Sipatunyana's representative at the council, Clive Miyanda, has complained over the disparities in prices of cattle carcasses at the local abattoir in Kalomo.

Mr Miyanda claimed that the abattoir prices were unfair to cattle traders who take their animals for slaughter there. A carcass which weighs 200 kilogrammes is pegged at K9,000.00 per kilogramme while anything less than that weight is being sold at K7000.00 per kilogramme.