Over 800 scientists and economists from 24 countries were in attendance this week at the Second Annual ICCC in New York City organized by the Heartland and with 60 co-sponsoring organizations including Icecap. They heard talks by 80 scientists from 14 countries. The opening remarks were made by the Heartland's Joe Bast. The presentations of the keynote speakers which included Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic and the European Union, Dr. Richard Lindzen, Astronaut Harrison Schmidt, former Hansen boss Dr. John Theon, Former Governor Dr. John Sununu, Dr. Arthur Robinson, Dr. Bob Carter, Lord Monckton, and Dr. Willie Soon are now all available on the Heartland ICCC 2009 web site. The others were all videotaped and will be made available over upcoming weeks. The powerpoints are now already loaded for all the excellent talks. Sections from the talks will be combined into other videos that tell the real climate story and distributed to decision makers and schools and groups that care about the truth or wish to hear both sides of the story.

One of the major outputs was Anthony Watt's report on the surface station project. He documented the results of the siting survey of the US climate network. He and his team of volunteers are now 75% through the climate network and only 11% of the stations meet the government's own published standards. He had a wonderful publication that will be widely distributed to decision makers.

The success of the conference was proof positive that we have won the battle of the science despite the media's and alarmist blog proclamations and resistance to even acknowledge we exist.

To counter us and try and feed the hungry media and keep the world in a state of alarm, there has been a flurry of recent bogus papers that should never have passed peer review by Solomon and Steig/Mann.

Meanwhile grant toting scientists are meeting in Copenhagen to scare monger and present more total nonsense, huge exaggerations and outright contrived model based fabrications (here, here, here, here and here) to try and save their movement and keep the gravy train of money flowing. See in this ICCC paper by Astronaut Harrison Schmitt how the alarmists intentionally attempt to mislead. Even Andy Revkin in the New York Times dotearth blog worries this doom mongering by the alarmists in Copenhagen is bordering on "climate porn" and will backfire.

Despite the desperation on the part of the alarmist community, the irony is that the public is coming around to our side in droves (here and here and here) even as the media tries to promote the alarmist drivel and ignore us and the rapidly increasing body of peer review science that has been debunked the greenhouse warming theory while proclaiming we "climate realists" are in disarray and in decline.

The alarmist blogs and media are doing their thing claiming the difference on opinion among the many attendees of the ICCC was proof we were without a consistent message and therefore without credibility compared to the alarmists for whom AGW has become a religion and whose bible is the IPCC report and who worship at the alter of the climate models. In reality with an issue as complex as science, there are many different factors and the fact that we are not monolithic in our beliefs and tend to rely much more on actual data instead of models is proof that we are the real scientists. We are in fact more energized and motivated than ever before.

We also recognize the lack of coverage represents the media's attempt not to derail any Cap-and-Trade (in reality Tax-and-Trade) legislation that the they and the environmental groups with their billions of dollars have pushed onto the table that has been eagerly adopted by politicians who always will embrace potential for more taxes and the excuse of being able to create green jobs and many corporation who see profit potential from selling green products. Just ask Arnold how well that environmental green agenda is working in California.

Yes we admit there may be thousands of new green jobs created but it will be at the expense of many millions of real jobs and the cost of thousands of dollars in hidden taxes and inflated energy costs for the average family. As Vaclav Klaus stated so well global warming is not a scientific theory it is a political ideology.

We all left the conference buoyed by what we accomplished in the last year, published in the journals and the progress made in the court of public opinion. Yet we all worry: Although we've won the science battle, unless we can enlist your support to speak out en masse to the decision makers, we could lose the political battle, thanks to the agenda of this administration, corrupt leaders in congress, and the media's complicity. That will be tragic to the great citizens of the U.S. and the world turning a faltering recession into a serious worldwide long-lasting depression. See PDF here. See this compilation of stories about the meeting and recent related findings from Marc Morano here Also see this follow-up story from the Australian on how 90% of the scientists at the Japan Geoscience Union symposium last year, do not believe the IPCC report.