Because of the Wenchuan Earthquake last May, Sichuan Province has had frequent post-earthquake seismic activity. Following the successive five recent earthquakes on March 9, another five earthquakes were reported in the Sichuan area on March 12.

The maximum magnitude of the five earthquakes was 4.7on Richter scale and the epicenter was 10 kilometers underground in Quhe Town, Qingchuan County, according to the China Earthquake Network Center.

Sichuan's capital Chengdu City, 200 kilometers away from the epicenter felt strong earthquakes. No injuries or deaths were reported as of this time. The U.S. Geological Survey indicates the quake could have been as high as 5.0 on the Richter scale.

Many local residents also think the quake was stronger than the regime's report, some web surfers from Chengdu City wrote on their blog, "it is like riding the space jet in the amusement park." Another wrote, "I am on the sixth floor of Saige Square in Chengdu, it had obvious shaking."

According to a government official in Qingchuan County, since the Wenchuan Earthquake, Qingchuan County has had continuous aftershocks of high magnitude. According to the Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Bureau in Qingchuan County, there were 1,595 aftershocks and 216 of them that could be felt by the public, including 8 medium and strong aftershocks in Qingchuan from January 1 to March 8 this year. Qiao Zhuang Town had the most aftershocks, 317 in total, 20 percent of those in the entire county.