National Weather Service Fairbanks Alaska

Stormy weather over the Bering Sea .. Significant snowfall possible over the interior Friday...

In most Alaska winters, winter storms reach their greatest strength and frequency in November, December, and January. By February rough weather begins to subside. By April the spring season usually comes gently.

This winter has not followed the normal pattern. During February a series of 8 strong low pressure systems made their way through the Bering Sea, all accompanied by gale force winds.

As number 10 moves up to the seward peninsula on Thursday, snow is expected nearly everywhere in northern Alaska south of the Brooks range.

Number 11 is expected to reach the Bering Sea over the weekend, with gale force winds all weekend.

Such a prolonged series of outbreaks of stormy weather in the Bering Sea is very very unusual. (emphasis mine) and it has repeatedly affected the western Alaska coast.

Normally a series of Bering Sea storms runs no longer than three. For reasons not understood, the vintage of late winter in 2009 has stretched this limit, not so much in severity, but surely in length.