On the 7th of October 2008 the passengers on Qantas flight 72 from Singapore to Perth experienced something that may well haunt them for the rest of their lives. As the Airbus A330-303 was travelling over the isolated town of Exmouth in Western Australia the pilots received a faulty message and auto-pilot was automatically disengaged. The plane climbed 60m before pitching down and plunging 200m in a terrifying 20 seconds in an uncommanded manoeuvre. The pilots steadied the plane however a few minutes later the craft again plunged another 120m in 16 seconds.

Passengers were pinned to the ceiling and flung throughout the craft. There were 74 injuries, some relatively serious. The plane then made emergency landing at the mysterious nearby Learmonth Airport.

Soon it was revealed that a similar event had taken place at almost the exact same spot three years prior. Malaysia Airlines Flight 124, operated by a Boeing 777-2H6ER flying from Perth to Kuala Lumpur on 1 August 2005 also received faulty indications and the plane pitched upwards and stalled. Autopilot was disengaged and proved unusable for the remainder of the flight.

Geoff Thomas of Australian Aviation referred to the similarities of these two events as an 'extraordinary co-incidence'. But are they?

Operating in the area are two rather secretive military bases. One of these: The Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt has been already mentioned extensively in relation to the incidents. The Naval Communication Station was built in 1963 as a joint US-Australian initiative. The station's purpose is to provide VLF (very low frequency) radio transmissions to submarines and ships of the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy operating in the Indian Ocean. The station consists of 13 radio towers. With a transmission power of 1000 kilowatts it is the southern hemispheres most powerful transmission station. The station was originally totally under US control but is now mainly under Australian control and curiously now operated by Boeing Australia Ltd.

The Australian transport Safety Bureau on investigating the incidents has said that interference from the station might have caused the incident, although concluded that this is unlikely.

Less is known about the RAAF Base Learmonth near Exmouth. This is one of three bare bases in Australia and is only maintained by a small caretaker staff during peacetime. Access is restricted and it is difficult to ascertain what the place is currently being used for.

Of even more interest is the nearby Learmonth Solar Observatory and in particular the Learmonth Magnetic Observatory situated within the complex. Comprising a collection of white buildings, a suite of optical telescopes, parabolic dish antennae, also just outside Exmouth. The faculty exists purportedly for the prime purpose of monitoring the sun however other projects undertaken here according to Government websites include planetary defense, ionosphere (Basically the upper atmosphere) monitoring and meteor detection and tracking.

'RDOS' which stands for for Rapidly Deployable Optical System is the name given to all acitvities here involving planetary defense and the tracking of moving objects near the earth atmosphere. Pete Worden of NASA's Ames Research Centre set this program up after travelling to Exmouth. Dr Clifford Rhoades and Major (Dr) Paul Bellaire of the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research helped with the program as well. 'Project Wormwood' which specifically tracks moving objects, purpotedly meteors, near earth's atmosphere is part of this program.

The facility is jointly managed by the IPS Radio and Space Services which is part of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and the United States Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA). There are a total of 15 personnel employed on site performing observation, analysis, maintenance, secretarial and management functions. Observatory staff is drawn from IPS Radio & Space Services consisting of two space weather physicists and one administrative officer; and 11 personnel from AFWA providing analytical and maintenance support.

The RAAF Base Learmonth, and The Learmonth Solar Observatory were not mentioned in any of the official investigations. The fact that Exmouth is a well-known UFO hotspot was also ignored, not surprisingly. This brings us to our final question, what is the true purpose of all these bases?

For starters, the Learmonth Solar Observatory and the magnetic observatory enclosed within it are stated as being used for planetary defense, ionosphere monitoring and meteor detection provide the perfect cover for the tracking of Alien UFO's in space and within the upper layers of our atmosphere. Countless reports of UFO's being detected within the ionosphere by the world's space agencies have come to light. The fact that the facility is managed by the US Air Force is most interesting.

The Learmonth Magnetic Observatory might be the most mysterious facility of all of these. Hardly any information can be found out about it. Ufologists have routinely ignored magnetic observatories and their possible role in monitoring UFO's but to get an idea of what role they might play have a look at this (pdf) (Specifically question 1) and this (pdf), it may surprise! The Canadian government has admitted to using magnetic observatories to monitor UFO's as part the highly classified 'Project Magnet'.

Richard Hoagland, ex-NASA employee and space archaeologist media personality, released some spectacular NASA video footage that was shot from an American space shuttle mission in September 1991and accidently picked up by a ham radio operator. Subsequent to this intercept and its public distribution by the radio ham, NASA initially encrypted and then totally ceased further shuttle video transmissions. The video shows a bright UFO travelling near earth's atmosphere and then two energy beams shooting from earth towards the craft making it turn 180 degrees and travel away from earth at incredible speed, one beam has been confirmed to have come from Exmouth. As mentioned above NASA set up the planetary defense program here. The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research who also played a part in the set up of this facility has been at the centre of UFO research for decades.
Numerous local farmers and residents have reported brightly coloured UFO's in the area over the years and one well-known report in 1991 also involved multiple witnesses seeing beams being shot at these craft.

It should be also noted that Western Australia, especially the more northern area, is just about the most sparsely populated area on the planet yet at the same time serviced by a modern infastructure. Western Australia is politically stable, very wealthy and rich in minable resources making it an ideal location for top-secret high-tech operations.

Are the three stations at Exmouth scanning the skies for potential threats from space or are they merely part of a galactic traffic control system informing UFO's wanting to get a closer look at humans and earth of whether they have official clearance to come down here? Is The Boeing Company using the base to familiarize itself with space travel protocol and procedure so as to one day expand into galactic travel?

Gadgetry from one or all of the bases seems to have interfered with the airplanes systems. Perhaps Boeing or Airbus have fitted their planes with experimental UFO reverse-engineered technology and this was picked up by the bases? Does an actual UFO base exist in the area which mistook the airplanes for alien craft resulting in procedures being activated to guide them down to a landing spot?
The recent surprise admittance to an All News Web reporter by senior Australian politician Malcolm Turnbull that anything to do with UFO's down under is subject to 'The highest classification and levels of secrecy' means we won't be getting any answers in the near future and we may never find out what really caused two airplanes to malfunction in the same way in the exact same spot.