In 1989, at a UFO and UFO abduction conference in Laramie Wyo, a woman reported that she had been abducted by a UFO from their farm in North Platte.

The woman, named Joyce Updike, said the abduction occurred after a UFO landed in her family's farmyard in 1959 and again in 1967 but that she had no memory of it until she went under regressive hypnosis.

Updike told the audience that Dr. Leo Sprinkle of New Mexico hypnotized her and that's when she remembered the abductions.

Updike said in 1967 a UFO landed in their farmyard. She said that for years all she remembered was light filling the house and the farmyard. She said she locked the house and went to bed. She said she awoke during the night with all her clothes on and on top of the bedcovers in the heat of August. She said she wondered about that night until her hypnosis when she learned she had been abducted by alients.

Updike claimed the hypnosis revealed the 1967 abduction was her second.

The first, Updike said, was in 1959 when she drove her little red Rambler station wagon to one of their pastures. She said it was there she met two space people. She said she was embarrassed because she was barefooted and, in 1959, women were not supposed to leave their houses like that. She said she also was wearing an apron, another no-no.

Updike said the encounters changed her profoundly and she realized people thought she started acting a little "goofy," but never understood why until the hypnosis.

Updike recounted that the space people were peaceful. She said they wore "space suit like" outfits, thick soled shoes and one of the men held two metal rods that he was aimed at her while the other climbed over a nearby wire fence and walked to a landed object, partly hidden by a hill.

Updike said she then found herself inside the object on top of an examining table, two men of average height and well built stood next to her, another man wearing a three piece loose fitting "surgical" outfit with a hood and a smoke colored visor over the eyes, stood by a circular, glass covered instrument panel, and he also wore gauntlet gloves with pointed pincer type clamps. This man approached her, raised her right arm by the elbow, "at this point all conscious recall ended."

Updike said that she learned that under any circumstances, she could no longer trust time and that the space people had a "plan."

Ruth Montgomery, a former syndicated newspaper columnist turned paranormal writer, chronicled Updike's story in her book, "Aliens Among Us." Updike's story was excerpted from the proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Conference in Laramie, Wyo., 1983.

Earliest UFO sightings in Nebraska date back to 1897

The earliest reports of UFOs over Nebraska occurred in 1897. Newspaper reports from that period chronicled a series of sightings in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The first sightings started on the night of April 5, 1897, in Omaha with more than a 100 people witnessing the appearance of a flying object approximately 12 foot long , spherical in shape, shiny with a steel-like body. The term UFO had not been coined at this time.

The reports said the object became so luminous that the brightness awakened people from their sleep as the light flooded through their bedroom windows. Many of the witnesses went into a panic. Several nights later, in Sioux City, Iowa, another craft, cigar-shaped, attracted more attention from the people there.

Similar sightings that night were reported in Cedar Rapids and Burlington Iowa. The mysterious object was reported to be elongated with a glaring headlight of some kind and a shiny steel haul, gliding along with a "hissing" sound.

A couple of nights later, on April 10, a Chicago newsstand dealer, Walter McCann, took a picture of one with his camera at Rogers Park. The pictures revealed a elongated ovoid shape.

The same day in Mount Carroll, Illinois, more witnesses reported seeing the same type of object and again describing it as elongated and ovoid shaped. That night a slender object with rotating red and green lights on both sides appeared over Chicago where hundreds could see it and did from the downtown Chicago Loop, Evanston and Lakeshore.

Later hundreds more seen in Quincy, Illinois a slender cigar-shaped craft describing this one with a 'bright white light' on the front and red and green lights on both sides of it with a shiny aluminum like surface. After hovering in an area at abount 500 ft. it left at a 'tremendous speed'.

Still later that night, in Wisconsin, a craft was reportedly seen in the Wausau area. According to other sightings from the area, it was reported an egg-shaped craft remained in the skies over Wisconsin for several hours. Several hundred witnesses claim to have watched the craft as it hovered over city hall in Milwaukee. The awestruck spectators stood watching the craft as its lights moved forwards and backwards.

The next night, in Minnesota, a cigar shaped crafted was spotted by R.G. Adams over Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By April 12th, more reports had come in from Wisconsin . By April 14th, a cigar shaped craft was reported over Indiana.

Continuing East, on April 19, a similar type craft , described as approximately 180 feet long with red, white and green lights appeared in Cochransville, Ohio.