Saturday night saw another UFO report come in that involved a UK airport. The recent sightings near Cardiff Airport by a police helicopter caused a wave of excitement, especially due to the creditability of the witnesses - a pilot and police officers. However it came to light that the sightings were more than likely down to paper lanterns released at a local wedding.

The new sighting near Gatwick Airport however is a very different story. The Parker family from Mutton Hall Hill have reported seeing a ball of flames streaking across the sky, that appeared to be taking the same path as aircraft heading for Gatwick and Heathrow Airport from the continent in a northwards direction.

However, apparently the UFO then veered off to the east and vanished. The Parker family accept that it may have been a military flare as it did appear to travel with the wind although a flare from a distance often does not look like a ball of flames and more like a light. However as ususal any developments on the story will be covered here on Compare Airport Parking.