As everyone within at least a hundred miles of Hopkinton knows by now, Neil Entwistle was found guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Rachel, and their baby daughter, Lillian, at their Hopkinton home in January of 2006.

The excessive media attention of this case, and subsequent trial, threw our little town into the spotlight - one we would rather not have shone on us. This family only lived in their rented home on Cub's Path for a few months before the brutal deaths, yet they will forever be linked with our town.

As if hearing about the details of the murders during the trial were not enough, the despicable defense Entwistle's attorney's presented - that Rachel suffered from depression and killed her baby and then herself - was ridiculous and demeaning to the memory of a mother and her innocent child who were just caught in the crossfire of a man who was intent on trying to get himself out of a life he didn't like.

The cold-blooded murder of his own child and wife, then leaving their bodies alone while he diligently returned the weapon to his in-laws house, and then flying back to his family in England, proves that this psychopath had no feelings towards his young family. Proof of that could be easily seen during the short trial when he watched the proceedings with little emotion.

Entwistle reaction
A psychopath "fighting back tears"

The one time during the three week trial he showed he was not a robot, was when the bloody clothes of baby Lillian was displayed for the jury, and he was either crying (as his attorneys insist) or laughing, as many court observers thought.

Comment: Any normal person can see from the inappropriately titled video here that this monster is holding nothing back, but pure twisted enjoyment and humor at the sight of his daughter's blood stained clothes. There's not a semblance of grief or remorse in his face.

Looking at the situation, you can't even begin to see how a man could kill his family, and them seemingly have no remorse. After he told police he found the bodies, his computer showed he checked his email; then when he was later arrested in England, he had advertisements for escorts in his pocket.

All of Entwistle's stories to police were confusing and did not play out. He said he came home, found the bodies of his wife and child, saw fresh bubbles in his babies mouth, yet he didn't even check for a pulse - he didn't even see if they were truly dead - before he grabbed the gun and took off to return it in order to "preserve his wife's memory."

If what he claimed was true - that he didn't kill them at all - then why not call 911 when he found the bodies? How could he leave their bodies to rot in the home, while he flew thousands of miles away to his family?

These questions were raised since the beginning, when the bodies were found by Hopkinton police, and now we know the answers.

This man planned ahead of time to kill his family without remorse, and he then fled the country to save himself. He is a creepy, murderous man who will see the inside of a jail cell for life. The reason the prosecution had 47 witnesses testify, and the defense had none, is that the defense knew they didn't have a case, and as a last-ditch effort to get this creep off, they blamed the victim.