Killer bees in Kingsville apparently living up to their name. The Africanized insects swarmed a neighborhood leaving one man seriously injured and killing at least five dogs.

As Jesse Rios was recounting his harrowing brush with the killer bees Monday afternoon, we came under attack.

It happened at a home on the 1200 block of Lott. The aggressive nature of the bees experienced first hand. We got away without a sting, luck that Rios could have used Monday when a massive swarm appeared to come out of nowhere.

Rios said, "my backyard looked like a big old gray cloud. Millions of bees, millions of them. They killed two dogs here one do across that street And two other dogs, five dogs, total of five dogs."

Michaela Hernandez lost her dog in the attack but is thankful no one else got hurt.

"There's kids in our neighborhood that play had our children been outside what if it wasn't our dogs what if it was our, our kids that had passed away because of this", she asked.

Jesse Rios says, "I got over, almost 200 bee bites on my back." The swarms came out of the top of this tall pipe...And from inside the Wall of Jesse Rios house. Around midday, crews from the city-county health department showed up to begin the eradication process.

Using a lift bucket to get to the top Yolanda Cadena with the Kingsville City-County Health Department said, "that way my equipment operator and animal control officer can up there and abate the situation."

Crews poured almost 50 gallons of soapy water down the pipe over a 30 minute time period. They used a six foot long pipe to break up the wax honey comb and while they say the colony has been destroyed, swarms of the insects were still buzzing around.

A scary sight Jesse Rios and his neighbors say will keep them vigilant for some time.