Prince George, British Columbia - The search is on for a fiery object spotted over Prince George.

Callers tell Opinion 250 that just before 1:00 this morning, a large object with a fiery tail crossed over the city in a northwest direction. One caller says truckers were on their radios saying they thought it was a plane of some sort.

"It was more orange than red, streaking across the sky, I only saw it for a few seconds, and it was heading towards Huble homestead."

Our caller says if it was a meteor, or space junk "It's a pretty big one, 'cause this was a large object"

At the time of this posting, there had been no reports of missing planes. A spokesman from the Air and Marine Emergency Centre, Department of National Defence, says there are no missing planes, although they have received numerous reports from the north of fiery sightings . A spokesman says he can only speculate that it was a large meteor in the sky over Prince George.

There have been reports of the fireball called in from Kamloops through to Dawson Creek.