Do you think you know what causes heart attacks?

In this video, Dr. David Holt, the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine, explains that the conventional explanation for heart attacks may not be accurate at all. Conflicts involving territorial loss -- such as losing a family member, your home, or your financial stability -- cause changes in the coronary arteries of all animals -- including humans.

And as Dr. Holt explains, those changes very often lead to heart attacks -- days or even weeks after your conflict has been resolved.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

First let me begin by stating that many animal lovers may find this information offensive. Let me make it VERY clear, neither I nor Dr. Holt designed nor endorse the study. The study was ALREADY DONE. Neither of us endorse animal cruelty. I am not at all suggesting we do additional studies like this but merely providing it as a very powerful demonstration of an important health principle that could save you or a family members life.

Ask anyone what the most common symptom of a heart attack is, and most people will say "chest pain." Well, this is incorrect. The most common symptom of a heart attack is sudden death.

It can happen completely out of the blue, and many of you probably know of someone in your life who was trim and fit with none of the typical heart attack risk factors -- no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, a healthy eater, and a regular exerciser -- yet died suddenly of a heart attack.

In the video above, Dr. David Holt, who is involved in some cutting-edge work known as German New Medicine, has just explained why this is so.

Your physical health is a direct manifestation of the various conflicts you've faced throughout your lifetime, along with your reaction to them.

This is not a theory or something to be discounted as "new agey."

This is the result of decades of focused, scientific work by some of the sharpest minds in the business: Dr. Geerd Hamer and Bruce Lipton. Their work has taken the widespread notion that your emotions influence your health (even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 85 percent of diseases have an emotional element) to a much higher, more specific level.

How a "Territory Conflict" Can Give You a Heart Attack

Let's say the recent mortgage crisis has caused you to lose your home, or you recently lost a close family member. Both of these territorial losses have signaled your body that you're under stress and to "get ready for a fight."

During this first phase, your coronary artery is actually made larger to get more of your blood flowing, and to help you win your upcoming "battle." Once your conflict is resolved, perhaps you find a way to keep your house, or you talk through your feelings of grief over your loved one's death, your body moves into the second, restoration phase, and will begin to restore your artery.

As Dr. Holt says, this can lead to a rise in cholesterol, which occurs to "spackle" the nooks in your coronary artery. And it is around this time, during your resolution of your emotional conflict that a heart attack can occur.

The severity of your heart attack will be directly related to the length of time that your territorial conflict festered.

Stop Dwelling and Start Resolving Your Emotional Conflicts!

It is imperative that you tend to all of these emotional conflicts as soon as possible, as the research shows that if you go longer than nine months with a moderate to severe territorial conflict, it is likely you won't survive the heart attack that follows.

A classic example is an executive who has felt his "territory" at work threatened by a younger workforce for many months or even years. Then, upon their retirement -- when the conflict has finally been resolved -- they experience a massive heart attack.

Now, here's the kicker.

Sometimes a conflict is so extreme that you know you've been emotionally impacted immediately. But, oftentimes, you may have no idea.

In many cultures, we are taught to suppress our emotions, and to "grin and bear it." Well, little did you know but those underlying resentments, arguments, regrets and guilty feelings can all manifest into disease in time. So please, find a method of real stress relief and use it regularly -- whether you think you need it or not. My particular favorite is the psychological acupressure technique the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as it's simple to use and extremely effective.

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