Stories in the Citizen about strange lights and possible UFO sightings have prompted a flood of response.

Readers have been sending in their experiences and thousands have checked out articles on the Citizen website.

One of the latest readers to give details of his experience is Graham Chapman, of Walpole Highway.

Mr Chapman said it was in his home village he saw the strange lights - the first time on Saturday, February 9.

"From the ground all you could see was a pulsating light. It was so high up that it looked no bigger than a star.

"When I looked at the light with my binoculars, I could see a red and blue flashing light and a constant light which, even with the binoculars, still looked like a star.

"The object in the sky from 5.30pm to 12am was in different positions. Each time I saw it but I never saw it move.

"On Sunday, February 10, there were three objects all the same as the one the previous night.

"They disappeared one-by-one over the course of the night.

"The last sighting was on Wednesday but with the fog the last few days it has been impossible to see if they have been there since."

Mr Chapman said the last reported UFO sightings were in 2001 over Wisbech St Mary, Christchurch, Chatteris and Queens Road in Wisbech.

"How many more sightings have there been that were not reported and is there a logical explanation? Who knows," he is wondering.

Andy Cordery and his wife, of Wisbech, saw the same sight as Alison Hunt from our original story, on the same evening (January 30).

He told us: "I had just turned on to the 16 Foot Bank road when I noticed an orange light in the sky which seemed bright, with a slight haze about it. The light went from one light and appeared to split into three, but closer together.

"It didn't gradually disappear. It just vanished."

Reg Wenn has spotted many strange lights in the skies around his Acre Fen, Chatteris, home for over 15 years. One sighting he has seen so many times he calls it 'Old Mate'.

It has alternating orange, green and red lights at the bottom and bright lights above, like a cluster of stars.

He says: "It just appears, as if someone had switched a big set of lights on, and we never see it fly away.

"On odd occasions we do see really thin red streaks in the sky when it has gone."