Vanished after making loud reports; hundreds witnessed event which surprised even Ufologists.

The startling and crisp images of what would appear to be a UFO sighting recorded in broad daylight caused consternation among hundreds of witnesses only days ago. The subject drew the attention of local and national experts in ufology. Some photographs and vidcaps of the strange event have been collected, all taken by amateurs. Although the clarity of these images has caused doubt among the researchers, who suspect a photo-montage, they have been startled and even more interested in the subject upon learning of the existence of a video, since this would attest to the truthfulness of the event.

In spite of the fact that this spectacular sighting took place over the skies of Salamanca (Chile) in the nation's 4th Region, it represents the continuation of what occurred the previous evening in this location. This arises from the account given by Vladimir Puebla, who works for a bus company that covers the Valparaiso-Salamanca route and who also works as a cameraman for Channel 4 in the 4th Region. "The night before the event in Salamanca, I was traveling from Valparaiso toward that location. In the vicinity of Quillota, I noticed a light that began to exhibit strange movements," he explained.

But what hundreds of people saw the next day between 13:30 and 13:40 hours, over the skies of Salamanca, was even more impressive, said Puebla. "For 10 minutes, the object was suspended in the sky. Later, some loud reports were heard, lights resembling flares could be seen, and the object disappeared."

This fact was confirmed by people working for radio broadcasters and one local TV channel, who were also aware of the event. "Many people confirmed this event. Reports were even filed with Carabineros (Chilean state police)," said Sixto Quiroga, the assistant director for Channel 4 in Salamanca.